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Massachusetts Middle and High School Students Win Creative Expression Contest Exploring Mental Health


First place winners from Peabody, Worcester, Worthington, Taunton, Hopkinton, and Medway take home $250 prizes. Artists look inward to explore themes around mental health and wellness.

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The Mental Health Matters: Student Expression Contest is Back! Let's Get Creative!


Submit your artwork by Wednesday, April 24 to be considered!

Black History Month

Celebrating Black History

On Purpose

This Black History Month, we remember and honor two Black women leaders who made great strides advancing justice and equity: Dean Elizabeth “Betty” Rawlins and Dr. June Jackson Christmas.

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In the Heart of Massachusetts

Leading Change

We asked ChatGPT to write a poem about MAMH, and we were pretty happy with what it had to say!

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New Restoration Center in Middlesex County Will Improve Lives for People Experiencing Crisis

On Purpose

MAMH has long advocated for the development of effective support for people experiencing crisis related to mental health and substance use conditions, with a focus on reducing rates of arrest, incarceration, an unnecessary hospitalization.

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Finding Gratitude in Celebrating a Life of Service

On Purpose

Amidst sorrow and loss reflected in world events, MAMH President & CEO Danna Mauch finds gratitude and hope in celebrating Rosalynn Carter's life of service.

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The Tragedy in Maine


MAMH is shocked and saddened by the lives lost and harmed by the mass shooting in Maine last month, and we extend our thoughts and sympathy to all who were directly affected by these events.

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A Night of Celebration! Highlights from our 2023 Friend & Leader Awards Dinner


On September 21, MAMH honored individuals whose work supports mental health and wellness for youth across the Commonwealth at the 110th Friend & Leader awards.

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On Purpose: Looking to Youth Mental Health Advocates to Lead Change

On Purpose

Here we are again: wondering how another summer slipped by and preparing for the start of another school year: backpacks, lunches, homework, friends.

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Careers in Aging: A Rewarding Path that Meets a Critical Need


A career working with older adults meets a critical need, and social workers who choose this path say it is important and rewarding.

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New Federal Rules Strengthen Mental Health Parity Enforcement


People with mental health conditions and their advocates got a big boost this summer with the announcement of a new federal effort to more effectively enforce mental health parity laws.

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Older Adult Behavioral Health Network Enters Third Year

Leading Change

The Older Adult Behavioral Health Network enters its third year with increased diversity among our members, increased capacity as a coalition of stakeholders, and stronger ties to a broad range of advocacy and community partners.

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On Purpose: Overcoming Loneliness and Moving the Conversation from "They" to "We"

On Purpose

Better understanding our own needs for mental health and wellness and sharing our experiences to build connection with others, bring us closer together – with positive health outcomes for all.

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Senate Leadership Prioritizes Behavioral Health in FY24 Budget Bill


Key provisions in the budget bill passed last night by the Massachusetts Senate make services for individuals experiencing mental health and substance use conditions and their families a top priority.

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An Advocate and Therapist on the Importance of Gender, Representation, and Being an Ally


An advocate and therapist shares why seeing someone for who they are can be a powerful form of therapy. Plus, the health and rights of LGBTQ+ people and gender minorities.

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Healing in Community: Promoting Social Connection and Mental Wellbeing among Diverse Older Adults


Emphasizing the diversity of human experiences and how, despite these differences, we can still connect, learn, and feel comfort from each other.

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Finding Purpose in Life through Peer Support and Restorative Justice


A restorative justice practitioner describes his journey from incarceration to practicing restorative justice. This week on “I Live This,” the criminal legal system, race, houselessness and more.

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Mental Health Matters! Winners of the 2023 Student Expression Contest


May is Mental Health Month! To celebrate, MAMH has partnered with the Massachusetts Health Council for our fourth annual Mental Health Matters: Student Expression Contest.

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How a Latina Social Worker, Author Tackles Stigma, Mental Health, and Recovery


Follow Yvonne Castañeda on her journey of recovery, rewriting the mental health narrative, and holding space for counselors and therapists who need support.

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Clutter, Stigma, Expression, and Self-disclosure with Lee Shuer


In our first episode of "I Live This: Transforming Mental Health through Personal Connection," the journey of one peer to support other over-finders, understand his collection, and express his feelings along the way.

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On Purpose: Building a Better, Stronger Future that is Truly Fair and Equal

On Purpose

Over the past month, I’ve been thinking a lot about the contributions of Black Americans and leaders in mental health – people like Dr. Joseph L. White, the “godfather of Black psychology,” and Dr. Beverly Greene, a pioneer in intersectional psychology.

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A Conversation on Reparations with MAMH Governing Board Member Joseph D. Feaster, Jr.

Leading Change

Slavery is a shameful fact of American history, but the legacy of slavery is an ongoing injustice with present-day implications for the economic and social well being of Black Americans.

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MassHealth Programs Will Help Those Experiencing Homelessness and Housing Insecurity


Individuals experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity now have new resources and coverage options available through Massachusetts’ Medicaid program, MassHealth.

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Developing a Qualified, Diverse Behavioral Health Workforce Is an Urgent Need

On Purpose

Despite being a leader in educating, training, and licensing a behavioral health workforce that is more robust than many states, Massachusetts is experiencing a shortage of qualified behavioral health providers.

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Behavioral Health Innovation Grant: Delivering Behavioral Health Supports to Older Adults in the Community


In partnership with the Executive Office of Elder Affairs, the MA Councils on Aging launched a Behavioral Health Innovation grant program to support new strategies to deliver behavioral health supports to older adults in the community.

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Massachusetts' First-Ever Behavioral Health Help Line Now Live


Massachusetts' first-ever Behavioral Health Help Line went live on January 3, 2023, connecting people to a full range of treatment services for mental health and substance use offered in the Commonwealth 24/7 by phone, text, or chat.

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On Purpose: 2022 Marks a Turning Point for Mental Health Advocacy

On Purpose

In many ways, this past year has been a turning point for mental health advocacy. For years, we struggled to get policymakers, educators, and the media to prioritize or recognize mental health as a critical health policy issue. That has all changed.

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Promoting Social Connection Among Older Adults

Leading Change

To help us understand the connection between mental health and social isolation - and about ways to promote connection - we interviewed Kasley Killam and Sandra Harris of the MA Taskforce to End Loneliness and Build Community.


On Purpose: Supporting Children and Families Before a Crisis Occurs

On Purpose

To end Emergency Department boarding we need to provide children and families with the help they need when they need it, and pediatric behavioral health urgent care is an important part of that solution.

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New Elder Mental Health Outreach Team and Behavioral Health Innovation grant awardees announced


MAMH’s Older Adult Behavioral Health Network led a successful advocacy campaign to more than double state funding for mental health outreach and support programs for older adults, resulting in 18 grants awarded to improve older adult access to behavioral health support.

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MAMH Awards Grants to Support Behavioral Health Urgent Care in Schools


With funding from Mass General Brigham, MAMH has awarded five Community Behavioral Health Centers (CBHC) grants to better support students with urgent mental health and substance use needs.

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A Night of Celebration! Highlights From our 2022 Friend & Leader Awards Dinner


On September 19, MAMH honored individuals whose work supports mental health and wellness for youth across the Commonwealth at the 109th Friend & Leader awards this September.

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Outdoor public piano returns to Newburyport, supporting mental health, our pandemic recovery, and a young boy named Charli


A new public piano, first installed in 2021 by a Newburyport resident and rising senior at Virginia Tech, aims to raise awareness for mental health and funds for a 10-year-old boy.

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Culturally Responsive Aging and Mental Health Services


To help us understand the importance of culturally responsive older adult behavioral health supports, we interviewed Nandy Barbosa, a bilingual homecare case manager and member of the Older Adult Behavioral Health Network’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workgroup.

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On Purpose: Helping Students Understand and Maintain their Mental Health

On Purpose

Understanding and maintaining mental health is a life-long process that is essential to health and well being. At MAMH, we believe it’s never too early to start learning how to take care of our mental health.

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FY23 Massachusetts State Budget Prioritizes Behavioral Health


On July 28, 2022, Governor Charlie Baker signed the fiscal year 2023 (FY23) budget for the state of Massachusetts, which reflects the prioritization of many aspects of behavioral health for people of all ages in the Commonwealth.

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Benefits of Mental Health Omnibus Legislation Will be Felt, by People of All Ages, for Years to Come


Passage of a comprehensive and thoughtful mental health omnibus bill will provide people with a range of critical behavioral health supports, services, and protections.

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An Impactful First Year: OABHN Anniversary


It’s been one year since MAMH launched the Older Adult Behavioral Health Network (OABHN) to elevate the importance of older adult behavioral health across the Commonwealth.

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BIPOC Mental Health Month reminds us why we need culturally responsive mental health services


July is BIPOC Mental Health Month. At MAMH, that means bringing awareness to both the strengths and challenges people of color face in supporting their mental health - and it reminds us why culturally responsive services are so important.

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On Purpose: Protecting and Advancing Human Rights

On Purpose

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade is a violation of basic human rights, and we join millions of Americans to demand action ensuring that all people can, to the extent possible, choose the trajectories of their own lives.

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Mindfulness and Aging


Learn from longtime mindfulness practitioner and teacher, Yasemin Isler, about mindfulness, how it can help us with aging, and applications for everyday living and sustainability.


The Tragedy at Uvalde


Like all of you, we watched Tuesday’s news with horror and mourn this preventable loss of life. Nineteen elementary school children, too young to be anything but innocent, and two teachers killed senselessly and brutally in their classroom.

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Refresh Your Mental Health!


How do you refresh and support your mental health? We asked students to answer this question through a variety of art forms including drawing, photography, illustration, and more.

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A Path Toward Re-Inventing America's Mental Health System

Leading Change

"Healing: Our Path from Mental Illness to Mental Health" is a bold, expert, and actionable map for the re-invention of America's broken mental health care system.

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On Purpose: May is Mental Health Month

On Purpose

May is Mental Health Month provides MAMH an opportunity to reflect on our purpose, review efforts to achieve our mission, and reflect on the work you -- our friends and supporters -- have done so far to make a difference.

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Refresh Your Mental Health: 2022 Youth Expressions Art Contest


May is Mental Health Month! MAMH and the Massachusetts Health Council are excited to announce the start of our third annual May is Mental Health “Youth Expressions” Art Contest

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An Important Step: Increasing Investments in Behavioral Health


Newly filed legislation from the Baker Administration seeks to increase investment in primary care and behavioral health care, representing an important step toward sufficient investment in a comprehensive health system.

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Happy 2-Year Anniversary to Network of Care Massachusetts!


Since its launch two years ago, Network of Care Massachusetts has become an integral resource for residents of the Commonwealth seeking behavioral health support and care.

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Reframing Aging: Our Words Matter


To help us understand what Reframing Aging is about, we interviewed longtime Older Adult Behavioral Health Network member Melissa Donegan.

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James T. Brett to serve on President's Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Leading Change

President Biden announced the reappointment of MAMH Board member James T. Brett to serve on the President's Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities.

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Middlesex County Restoration Center will receive $1.65 in federal funding


A federal appropriations bill signed into law by President Biden includes $1.65 million for a Middlesex County Restoration Center to provide crisis and urgent care for people with behavioral health needs, diverting them from arrest, jail, and hospitalization.

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Breaking down behavioral health spending in the governor's FY23 budget


In late January, Gov. Charlie Baker released his proposed FY23 budget for the state of Massachusetts. How did behavioral health care fare? MAMH has a summary.

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2021: The Year Everyone Was Talking About Mental Health

On Purpose

If 2020 was the year we all wanted to forget, then 2021 may be remembered as the year everyone was talking about mental health.

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Older Adult Behavioral Health Network Supports Community Living for Older Adults


With generous support from a 3-year grant from the Tufts Health Plan Foundation, MAMH launched the Older Adult Behavioral Health Network (OABHN) in July 2021 to elevate the importance of older adult behavioral health across the Commonwealth.


A Once-in-a-Lifetime Moment to Reimagine Crisis


Guest blogger Monica Luke, Executive Director of The Living Assistance Fund, writes about the upcoming launch of 9-8-8 as a nationwide, 3-digit crisis line and how we can advocate for comprehensive crisis services in our communities.

Headshot of Bob Fleischner, older adult wearing glasses and a navy blue sweater

Robert Fleischner on Disability Justice and Supported Decision-Making

Leading Change

MAMH Board member, Robert "Bob" Fleischner speaks on disability justice, the use of Supported Decision-Making as tool for equity, and the multiple ways we can all be advocates for systems change.

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Families Support Mental Health Education as Part of Overall Health and Wellness


The vast majority of parents support providing mental health education in schools, according to a national survey released Dec. 14.

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Powered by Purpose

On Purpose

In this season of thanksgiving, we're grateful for new investments and protections for people with mental health conditions, but we recognize that we must address societal inequities to improve mental wellness.

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MAMH Joins National Leaders to Promote Consensus Plan for 988 Crisis Hotline


The Massachusetts Association for Mental Health (MAMH) today joined 14 of the nation’s leading mental health organizations to release a consensus plan to guide implementation of 988 – a new crisis hotline scheduled to be operational nationwide in July 2022.

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MAMH Applauds Senate Passage of the Mental Health ABC Act 2.0: Addressing Barriers to Care


The Senate's passage on Nov. 17 of the Mental Health ABC Act 2.0 (S.2572) is an important next step in ensuring that all residents of the Commonwealth can get the right care at the right time for mental health and substance use conditions.

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Safe Havens Play a Critical Role in Ending Homelessness and Saving Lives


Safe Havens are supervised and supportive housing for people who are homeless and have multiple health and disability conditions and who have not been successful in traditional housing or shelters.

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MAMH Mourns the Passing of Dr. Aaron T. Beck


Dr. Beck developed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and revolutionized mental health treatment around the world.

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MAMH Awarded MGB Grant to Promote Pediatric Behavioral Health Urgent Care


MAMH received a $3 million grant from Mass General Brigham (MGB) to develop and implement a services grant program for Pediatric Behavioral Health Urgent Care over the next four years.

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Support Effective Mental Health Parity Laws and Implementation


For decades, MAMH has been advocating to ensure that people with mental health and substance use conditions receive the same level of health insurance benefits and access to services as people with physical health conditions.

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MA Ranked First in MHA Annual "State of Mental Health" Report


Massachusetts is ranked first among all states in Mental Health America's 2022 State of Mental Health report, but much work remains to reduce the impact of mental health conditions.

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A Night of Celebration! Highlights From our 2021 Friend and Leader Awards Dinner


This past Wednesday, October 13th, MAMH honored leaders in Massachusetts who collectively guided us through the first 18 months of the coronavirus pandemic at the 108th Friend & Leader Awards this October.

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What is 988 and Why Should YOU Care?


Guest blogger Monica Luke, Executive Director for The Living Assistance Fund, explains the importance of 988: a 24/7 line that will reimagine behavioral health crises response.

picture of Allison Wallace

Angela Wallace on Youth Advocacy

Leading Change

Angela Wallace is a senior at Bowdoin College and an effective, persuasive advocate for mental health education in the Commonwealth. Our Interview with Angela gives us insight about the role the next generation of leaders play in the future of mental health advocacy.

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A Struggling Generation: The Impact Of Mental Health and Why We Need To Do More

Leading Change

Guest blogger Carson Domey, a high school senior and youth mental health leader, advocates for students to have information they need to protect their mental health and find help when they need it.

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Rep. Decker and Sen. Cyr honored as Legislative Champions for work on mental health issues

Leading Change

Mental Health America honored Rep. Marjorie Decker and Sen. Julian Cyr today for outstanding work on mental health issues.

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The power and importance of mental health breaks, Olympics or not

Leading Change

Champion gymnast Simone Biles’ decision yesterday to walk away from the Olympic competition showed us that sometimes “mental toughness” means knowing when you’ve had enough.

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Calling 911: Long-term system change is needed, and we can start now


Important, foundational steps to reform 911 today bring us closer to much-needed systemic change and a safer way to find help when it’s needed.

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Why we must reform mental health in MA prisons - and how to do it


Significant reform is needed to address documented human rights violations and abuse against individuals with mental health needs in Massachusetts prisons. Fortunately, existing best practices - and proposed legislation - show us how.

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Strengthening penalties for assault of some emergency and health care providers misses the mark


MAMH President & CEO Danna Mauch testified this month before the Joint Committee of The Judiciary. Her message: there are better, more proactive solutions to keep EMTs, ambulance operators and health care providers safe from assault.

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Creating an effective behavioral health emergency response system


Individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis and their families often find themselves with nowhere to turn but 911, resulting in a first response by police instead of the public mental health system. We can change this.

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MAMH and WCVB Channel 5 partner for Day of Awareness on Mental Health & Wellness


MAMH is joining WCVB Channel 5 for a Mental Health & Well Being Day of Awareness to highlight the post-pandemic challenges facing Massachusetts residents, especially young adults.

art by Misael Nunez of words written inside a person's silhouette

You've Got a Friend in Me! MA students respond to our 2021 Youth Expressions Contest


How can you support a friend struggling with their mental health? We asked students to answer this through art in one of the following categories: audiovisual, written, or artistic still.

#JustAsk campaign promotion, image of girl driving and looking down

MAMH launches #JustAsk


If we've learned one thing from the pandemic, it's that none of us are superhuman. #JustAsk is a multimedia campaign to help young adults take control of their mental health by reaching out to friends, families, and resources to provide support.

picture of former Congressman Joseph Kennedy III

Former Congressman Joseph Kennedy III joins MAMH Board of Directors


Joe Kennedy has served MA for more than a decade – first as an assistant district attorney and later as a congressman. We’re pleased to announce that he’ll now be serving on the MAMH Board of Directors, working to advance behavioral and mental health policy.

picture of Susan Tracy, MAMH board member

Susan Tracy on Advocacy and Policy

Leading Change

MAMH Board member Susan Tracy is President of The Strategy Group, former state legislator, and a long-time advocate for people who are homeless. Our interview with Susan describes the critical intersection between homelessness and mental health.

picture of Joseph Feaster Jr., MAMH board member

Joseph Feaster on Equity in Mental Healthcare

Leading Change

Joseph Feaster, Jr., a long time MAMH Board Member, speaks on equity, advocacy, and the future of mental healthcare.

picture of I Can't Breathe mural in dedication to George Floyd

Racial Trauma and Mental Health: A Message from Our CEO, Danna Mauch

On Purpose

For those experiencing racial trauma right now, we see you, we hear you, and we support you.