Educate ~ Mobilize ~ Advocate

MAMH convenes stakeholders across the behavioral health and public health community to address policy, budget and legal issues affecting those at risk for or living with behavioral health conditions. We disseminate knowledge emerging from clinical research, program evaluation and innovation developments to inform and activate diverse audiences in the Commonwealth and beyond. MAMH solves problems in disparities in benefits and access to care through strategic advocacy partnerships. We target reforms in public policy, service delivery and payment methods to improve access to care and end disparities in receipt of a broad range of benefits, treatments and recovery supports upon which our constituents depend to protect and improve their mental health and well being.

Our Priorities

Community Engagement: Enlisting people from all sectors to increase public awareness, eliminate stigma, and secure the housing, employment, education, income, and support services required to protect mental health and ensure effective treatment and recovery.

Early Childhood Mental Health and Youth Suicide Prevention: Promoting early intervention and screening to address mental health concerns at a young age and prevent unnecessary death and suffering.

Access to Housing and Health Care: Addressing discrimination and social determinants of health in order to ensure that all people in the Commonwealth have access to affordable, quality housing and healthcare—with a focus on community-based care; issuing topical reports and hosting training conferences. 

Criminal Justice Reform: Protecting people with mental illness from court involvement by promoting pre-trial diversion and recidivism reduction through policy reform, program innovation, and educational events.

Behavioral Health System Reform: Engaging with stakeholders across the Commonwealth to more closely integrate behavioral health with physical health by promoting whole health and prevention while pushing for enforcement of parity laws and disseminating knowledge through educational forums. 

Elder Mental Health: Furthering the prevention of mental health conditions and the promotion of mental health and well being for older people through strategic education and advocacy partnerships.