Educate - Mobilize - Advocate

MAMH convenes stakeholders across the behavioral health and public health community to address policy, budget and legal issues affecting those at risk for or living with behavioral health conditions. We disseminate knowledge emerging from clinical research, program evaluation and innovation developments to inform and activate diverse audiences in the Commonwealth and beyond. MAMH solves problems in disparities in benefits and access to care through strategic advocacy partnerships. We target reforms in public policy, service delivery and payment methods to improve access to care and end disparities in receipt of a broad range of benefits, treatments and recovery supports upon which our constituents depend to protect and improve their mental health and well being.

Learn more about our work by reviewing our 2016-2021 Strategic Plan.

Our Commitment

Our social compact relies on all of us sharing equally in the benefits and the burdens of the compact. Yet Black people and other people of color in the United States share far fewer of the benefits and much more of the burden. At MAMH, we pledge to continue to learn how to be more effective allies, forge new partnerships, and take right action to ensure that all Massachusetts residents share equal opportunities for health and well-being. Learn more.

Our Priorities

Engaging Community Stakeholders: We enlist people from all sectors to increase public awareness, eliminate stigma, and promote real change in access to services and improved life outcomes. We create and disseminate evidence-based reports, white papers, and issue briefs to support this work.

Advancing Prevention and Early Intervention: We promote early intervention to support resilience and minimize disability that can result from mental health conditions.

Expanding Access to Effective Services: We lead initiatives to increase access to effective, evidence-based behavioral health services and supports through strategic education, advocacy partnerships, and workforce development.

Addressing Social Determinants of Mental Health: We work to address discrimination and social determinants of health that place some people at higher risk for mental health conditions.

Advocating for System Change: We support system change to improve access and provide alternatives to incarceration, hospitalization, and guardianship.