Since 1913, the Massachusetts Association for Mental Health (MAMH) has worked to improve understanding of mental health conditions and combat disparities in health services access. We envision a day when all individuals and families across the Commonwealth have the resources and opportunities they need to promote resilience and protect overall health.

Children's Urgent Care

Children and adolescents seeking behavioral health care often experience delays in access to quality services. With key support from the Miller Innovation Fund, MAMH and its partners in the Children's Mental Health Campaign propose a strategy to build an effective, sustainable system of Pediatric Behavioral Health Urgent Care to provide earlier intervention while reducing the need for hospitalization. Read the Report on Pediatric Behavioral Health Urgent Care.

Criminal Justice System Reform

In Middlesex County Jail & House of Correction, about 45% of inmates and detainees have mental health or substance use conditions. This new legislative report by the Middlesex County Restoration Center Commission explores whether restoration centers -- behavioral health facilities providing urgent psychiatric care, crisis stabilization, and related social and health services -- can help to lower incarceration rates and reduce the use of costly hospital Emergency Departments. Read the Middlesex County Restoration Center Commission Year One Findings and Recommendations.

Ghost Networks

Even with health insurance, too many people seeking mental health or substance use treatment can't find a provider who is available to support them. On May 7, MAMH President and CEO Danna Mauch joined Kate Ginnis (Boston Children's Hospital) in delivering testimony on behalf of the Children's Mental Health Campaign supporting legislation to improve health insurance provider directories to facilitate timely access to services. No more ghost networks! Read the Campaign's Testimony.

Mental Health Parity

Despite parity laws at both the state and federal levels, coverage and access to mental health and substance use services remain more restrictive than for physical health services. In testimony before the MA Joint Committee on Financial Services on June 6, MAMH President Danna Mauch said that H.910/S.588 provides crucial protections to ensure equal coverage for behavioral health conditions. Read MAMH's testimony.

Crisis Services

Danna Mauch talks with WBUR reporter Martha Bebinger about why walk-in mental health and urgent care centers are so important to increasing timely access to life-saving mental health treatment and supports.

Preventing Suicide

Join MAMH in supporting the International Declaration for Zero Suicide Healthcare. No suicide is fated! Learn more by watching the Zero Suicide Call to Action video. For 24/7, free and confidential support, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

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