Since 1913, the Massachusetts Association for Mental Health (MAMH) has worked to improve understanding of mental health conditions and combat disparities in health services access. We envision a day when all individuals and families across the Commonwealth have the resources and opportunities they need to promote resilience and protect overall health.

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May is Mental Health Month!

To celebrate, we teamed up with the Massachusetts Health Council to present the 2023 Mental Health Matters: Student Expression Contest. This annual event is designed to promote mental wellness and support students to better understand, protect, and maintain their own mental health. Learn more and view this year's winners here.

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I Live This: Transforming Mental Health Through Personal Connection

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month, MAMH teamed up with the Kiva Centers to produce a podcast series exploring the way people draw on their living experience to support others, innovate, and advocate for change. Learn more and listen to our podcast here!

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New Help Line Offers 24/7 Access to Support

A new statewide Behavioral Health Help Line offers phone and text support to Massachusetts residents trying to access mental health and substance use services. Help spread the word by sharing the Roadmap Toolkit!

MAMH 2022 Annual Report

With a growing awareness of the devastating impact of the COVID pandemic on mental health, there is now a consensus that mental health must be valued, supported, and promoted across the lifespan. Learn more about our advocacy, partnerships, and initiatives to achieve measurable progress for people with mental health conditions and their families in the

Inventory of Initiatives to Recruit and Retain a Qualified Behavioral Health Workforce

Despite being a leader in educating, training, and licensing a behavioral health workforce that is more robust than many states, Massachusetts is experiencing a shortage of qualified behavioral health providers.

Creating an Effective Behavioral Health Response System

Police involvement can escalate a behavioral health crisis, causing fear or triggering trauma reactions. Yet individuals experiencing a crisis and their families often find themselves with nowhere to turn but 911. Fortunately, there are alternatives to police response that can help address these challenges.

Pediatric Behavioral Health Urgent Care

Children and adolescents seeking behavioral health care often experience delays in access to quality services. MAMH and the Children's Mental Health Campaign propose a model for building an effective, sustainable system of Pediatric Behavioral Health Urgent Care to provide earlier intervention while reducing the need for hospitalization. Our newly-released 2nd edition report addresses the unique needs of children with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities.

MAMH Statement on Diversity and Cultural Competency

MAMH believes it is essential that all aspects of wellness promotion and mental health and substance use disorder prevention and treatment be reflective of the diversity of the community and that mental health and substance use policy makers and providers strive to become and remain culturally and linguistically competent.

The State of Mental Health in America 2023

Massachusetts is ranked 2nd in the nation for access to behavioral health services and treatment in this annual report by Mental Health America, but there is still much work to be done.

Preventing Suicide

Join MAMH in supporting the International Declaration for Zero Suicide Healthcare. No suicide is fated! Learn more by watching the Zero Suicide Call to Action video. For 24/7, free and confidential support, please call the nationwide 3-digit code, 9-8-8, to access suicide prevention and mental health support services.