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A new school year is upon us, accompanied by all the excitement and stress inherent in transitions. Understanding and maintaining mental health is a life-long process, but at MAMH we believe it is never too early to start learning. We've long advocated for mental health education to be a core feature of K-12 health education curricula. Learn more in our August/September 2022 newsletter here.

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Having access to quality, accessible behavioral health resources is as important for older adults as for anyone else - and it's critical to living full lives at home and in our communities or settings of our choice. As the Older Adult Behavioral Health Network moves into its second year, MAMH will continue to support the network to advance the mental health and well being of older adults. Learn more in our July 2022 newsletter.

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Understanding and maintaining mental health is a life-long process that is essential to health and well being. For many students and their families, summer is the perfect time to get started building skills and learning about resources to help them with this journey. That's why we're launching new mental health education pages on the MAMH website. Learn more in our June 2022 newsletter here.

NIMH Outreach Partner

MAMH was the Massachusetts Outreach Partner for the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) from 2001-2019.

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