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In many ways, this past year has been a turning point for mental health advocacy. For years, we struggled to get policymakers, educators, and the media to prioritize or recognize mental health as a critical health policy issue. That has all changed. Read more in our December 2022 newsletter here.


Recent news stories have highlighted growing concerns about children and adolescents “boarding” in Emergency Departments – waiting days and sometimes weeks for help in response to a mental health crisis. To fix this, we need to provide children and families with the help they need when they need it, before a crisis occurs. Pediatric behavioral health urgent care is an important part of that solution. Read more in our October/November 2022 newsletter here.

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A new school year is upon us, accompanied by all the excitement and stress inherent in transitions. Understanding and maintaining mental health is a life-long process, but at MAMH we believe it is never too early to start learning. We've long advocated for mental health education to be a core feature of K-12 health education curricula. Learn more in our August/September 2022 newsletter here.

NIMH Outreach Partner

MAMH was the Massachusetts Outreach Partner for the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) from 2001-2019.

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