FY2020 Budget Advocacy

Thanks to your advocacy, Gov. Baker has signed a FY2020 budget that includes many priorities to improve access to effective mental health and substance use services! These priorities include:

  • An additional $1 million for the Department of Mental Health (DMH) Rental Subsidy Program. This funding will help about 80 DMH clients who are homeless, unstably housed, or stuck in inpatient settings find secure, stable, affordable housing.
  • $10 million for a new behavioral health trust fund. The trust fund will support a loan forgiveness program for behavioral health workers and a public awareness campaign to reduce the stigma around mental illness.
  • An additional $300,000 to support Elder Mental Health Outreach Teams (EMHOTs).

For more information, see our Action Alert and our own letter to Gov. Baker, explaining why these budget items are so important.

Learn more about the budget process here.

No More Ghost Networks!

Even with health insurance, too many people seeking mental health or substance use treatment can't find a provider who is available to support them. On July 25, the MA Senate voted unanimously in favor of S.2295, requiring health insurance providers to improve health insurance provider directories to facilitate timely access to services. Say goodbye to ghost networks! Read the Campaign for Children's Mental Health's testimony, which was presented by MAMH President Danna Mauch.

Preschool Expulsions

Research shows that young children who are expelled or suspended from school are as much as 10 times more likely to drop out of high school, experience academic failure, have negative attitudes toward school, and face incarceration. MAMH supports H.401/S.264, which aims to reduce suspensions and expulsions by setting benchmarks and incentivizing skills training for preschool teachers and staff. Read MAMH's testimony.