Pediatric Behavioral Health Urgent Care Project

Even in the most well-funded service systems, children and adolescents experiencing a behavioral health crisis often face delays in access to effective services. There are many reasons for this delay, but one of the most important is that the pediatric behavioral health system is overwhelmed by demand, especially for limited—and expensive—crisis and emergency services.

With key support from the Miller Innovation Fund and the Peter and Elizabeth Tower Foundation, MAMH and its partners in the Children's Mental Health Campaign developed a report on Pediatric Behavioral Health Urgent Care, offering a model for children's urgent care that can help to reduce long Emergency Department stays and avoid hospitalization. For a brief summary, please read our #CrisisTalk blog post.

The 2nd Edition, released in July 2020, also addresses the unique needs of children with autism spectrum disorders and intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Read our Report on Pediatric Behavioral Health Urgent Care

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