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Jul 28, 2021

Mental Health America honored Rep. Marjorie Decker and Sen. Julian Cyr today for outstanding work on mental health issues.

Mental Health America (MHA) honored Rep. Marjorie Decker and Sen. Julian Cyr today for outstanding work on mental health issues during their Regional Policy Council (RPC) Legislative Awards Ceremony.

As 2021 Legislative Champions, Rep. Decker and Sen. Cyr partnered with mental health stakeholders to initiate, advocate for, and ultimately pass state laws that positively affect people living with mental health and substance use conditions, including jointly filing H.2081/S.1274, An Act to better coordinate suicide prevention services, behavioral health crisis care and emergency services through 988 implementation.

“These two exemplary leaders and public servants demand action on behalf of all Massachusetts residents at risk for or living with mental health and substance use conditions. Their deep commitment, inspired by life experience and their commitment to their constituents, sets a bar to which all of us who work with them aspire.”
Danna Mauch, President and CEO of MAMH

As co-chairs of the Mental Health, Substance Use and Recovery Committee of the Legislature, Rep. Decker and Sen. Cyr champion public policy and legislation that furthers behavioral health reform in the Commonwealth.

“Thank you for this recognition of my advocacy and work, but truthfully, my gratitude sits with you, your members, and families across the country who are fighting every day for basic behavioral health care that we have allowed to be siloed away from our medical care," Rep. Decker said. "We have always fallen short in responding to behavioral health needs. This pandemic has only exacerbated these needs. In Massachusetts and across the country, children and adults languish in emergency rooms for days and weeks, and this is unacceptable. We would never be okay with someone waiting three weeks to address a broken bone or an open wound. We need to do better and advocate and demand for a comprehensive healthcare system that meets all of our needs, not just some of them.”

"Too many patients seeking behavioral health care are confronted by a cold and unforgiving bureaucracy when it's the last thing they need. Making this space more accessible is deeply personal to me. Like many LGBTQ+ people, I knew I was different from an early age — and others knew it too. Constant bullying gave way to anxiety, panic attacks, and an eating disorder, but receiving the care I needed helped me manage my anxiety and empower others in ways I never dreamed I could," said Sen. Cyr. "I am deeply humbled to be recognized for our work in this space and look forward to collaborating with advocates and providers as we work to create a behavioral health workforce as diverse as the people we need it to reach."

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