Nov 1, 2021

Dr. Beck developed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and revolutionized mental health treatment around the world.

Executives from the nation’s 16 leading mental health advocacy organizations came together to mourn Dr. Beck's passing November 1 with this shared sentiment:

Few people deserve the title of icon or legend in the mental health field – Dr. Beck was one of them. As the father of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dr. Beck’s work has left an indelible mark on how our world approaches the treatment of mental health and addiction. His revolutionary approach to addressing our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors changed not only the way clinicians approached treatment, but the way people improved in care. His legacy is one that will be built on for generations to come.

I am proud to sign on to this heartfelt memorial, but also to share my own experience with Dr. Beck's commitment to improving lives. Dr. Beck treated a beloved family member and was instrumental in delivering not only excellent care but also recovery support for a productive life and well being – for which we are forever grateful.

Danna Mauch, MAMH President & CEO

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