9 Nov 23

Living with a chronic health condition is taxing on one’s physical and mental health. Mental Health America and the National Pancreas Foundation have partnered to bring awareness, education, and resources to those with chronic health conditions such as pancreatitis. But the impacts of chronic health conditions, chronic pain, and other physical health conditions go far beyond those living with them. This November, for National Family Caregivers Month, we are talking about the mental health impacts on caregivers.

Join Mental Health America and the National Pancreas Foundation for this free, one-hour panel discussion to:

  • Discuss the mental health impacts of chronic health conditions on individuals and their caregivers
  • Identify the unique challenges caregivers face that put strain on their mental health
  • Identify ways caregivers can prioritize their mental health while taking care of someone else

Register here: Holding on for Others: Caregiving, Chronic Illness, and Self-care | Mental Health America (mhanational.org)