13 Nov 24

The college experience, at its best, can be exciting, formative, fun, and rewarding. But from a mental health perspective, life on campus can also be rather challenging. For millions of young adults—many living away from home for the first time—the college years present all kinds of academic, social, and economic stressors that can lead to depression, anxiety, and a number of other mental health concerns. And while many colleges offer counseling services and accommodations, all too often these resources are greatly underused.

So what should college students know about the mental health challenges they might face? Are there proactive strategies that can help them navigate stress? And how can educators, mental health care providers, and loved ones best serve young adults attending college?

In this previously recorded session, Sarah Ketchen Lipson, PhD, EdM, provides an overview of common mental health concerns for college students, shares tips for recognizing and addressing these challenges and the conditions they can lead to, and answers audience questions about typical campus resources for students who are struggling.

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