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In the Heart of Massachusetts

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We asked ChatGPT to write a poem about MAMH, and we were pretty happy with what it had to say!

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Older Adult Behavioral Health Network Enters Third Year

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The Older Adult Behavioral Health Network enters its third year with increased diversity among our members, increased capacity as a coalition of stakeholders, and stronger ties to a broad range of advocacy and community partners.

picture of Joseph Feaster Jr., MAMH board member

A Conversation on Reparations with MAMH Governing Board Member Joseph D. Feaster, Jr.

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Slavery is a shameful fact of American history, but the legacy of slavery is an ongoing injustice with present-day implications for the economic and social well being of Black Americans.

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Promoting Social Connection Among Older Adults

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To help us understand the connection between mental health and social isolation - and about ways to promote connection - we interviewed Kasley Killam and Sandra Harris of the MA Taskforce to End Loneliness and Build Community.

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A Path Toward Re-Inventing America's Mental Health System

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"Healing: Our Path from Mental Illness to Mental Health" is a bold, expert, and actionable map for the re-invention of America's broken mental health care system.

picture of James T. Brett

James T. Brett to serve on President's Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities

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President Biden announced the reappointment of MAMH Board member James T. Brett to serve on the President's Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities.

Headshot of Bob Fleischner, older adult wearing glasses and a navy blue sweater

Robert Fleischner on Disability Justice and Supported Decision-Making

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MAMH Board member, Robert "Bob" Fleischner speaks on disability justice, the use of Supported Decision-Making as tool for equity, and the multiple ways we can all be advocates for systems change.

picture of Allison Wallace

Angela Wallace on Youth Advocacy

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Angela Wallace is a senior at Bowdoin College and an effective, persuasive advocate for mental health education in the Commonwealth. Our Interview with Angela gives us insight about the role the next generation of leaders play in the future of mental health advocacy.

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A Struggling Generation: The Impact Of Mental Health and Why We Need To Do More

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Guest blogger Carson Domey, a high school senior and youth mental health leader, advocates for students to have information they need to protect their mental health and find help when they need it.

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Rep. Decker and Sen. Cyr honored as Legislative Champions for work on mental health issues

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Mental Health America honored Rep. Marjorie Decker and Sen. Julian Cyr today for outstanding work on mental health issues.

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The power and importance of mental health breaks, Olympics or not

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Champion gymnast Simone Biles’ decision yesterday to walk away from the Olympic competition showed us that sometimes “mental toughness” means knowing when you’ve had enough.

picture of Susan Tracy, MAMH board member

Susan Tracy on Advocacy and Policy

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MAMH Board member Susan Tracy is President of The Strategy Group, former state legislator, and a long-time advocate for people who are homeless. Our interview with Susan describes the critical intersection between homelessness and mental health.

picture of Joseph Feaster Jr., MAMH board member

Joseph Feaster on Equity in Mental Healthcare

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Joseph Feaster, Jr., a long time MAMH Board Member, speaks on equity, advocacy, and the future of mental healthcare.