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Looking for mental health resources or support? #JustAsk

This past year has taught us that we all have limits.

The challenges we've faced - social isolation, financial problems and other stress - can seem overwhelming. Recognizing that fact doesn't make us weak. It makes us strong.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is just ask.

If you need support, talking to a friend or family member can remind you that you're not in this alone. If you need more information, Network of Care Massachusetts offers free, confidential information about depression, anxiety, and links to services near you.

If your own network isn't enough, you can call Mass 211 to be connected to someone to talk to. Just dial 2-1-1. You'll find resources for mental health, substance use and other challenges you're facing - like finding housing and food.

We can stay strong through this. #JustAsk.

Help us spread the word! A #JustAsk toolkit is available with sample social media posts, images and more. Together, we can start to talk openly about mental health.

Are you a Deaf or Hard of Hearing disaster survivor or responder? Is American Sign Language your primary or preferred language? The Disaster Distress Helpline videophone option is available at 1-800-985-5990 (please call using a videophone-enabled device or visit their website).

WCVB Channel 5 is joining MAMH for a Day of Awareness on Tuesday, June 15 to highlight the post-COVID pandemic mental health challenges facing Massachusetts residents, especially young adults. The 5 On: Mental Health & Well Being Day of Awareness will feature the #JustAsk video and news features on mental health issues starting in the NewsCenter 5 EyeOpener at 4:30 AM newscast, continuing throughout the day and in all NewsCenter 5 newscasts, plus a special segment on WCVB’s award-winning program Chronicle at 7:30 p.m. featuring an in-depth look at personal stories of individuals dealing with mental health issues.