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What is the DMH Rental Subsidy Program?

The Department of Mental Health (DMH) Rental Subsidy Program is a rental voucher program for DMH clients. Clients pay 30% of their adjusted income toward rent and the rental vouchers cover the balance.

Individuals receiving a subsidy also get services through community providers to support their tenancy, health, and recovery. Stable, affordable housing is critical to engaging in effective behavioral health treatment and achieving recovery.

Why is this a priority?

Now more than ever, adequate funding for the DMH Rental Subsidy Program is essential. COVID-19 has taught us that individuals with severe and disabling mental health conditions who are experiencing homelessness or living in congregate settings – such as shelters and state hospitals – are disproportionately vulnerable to the virus.

In addition, research confirms that housing plus the supportive services DMH provides prevent hospitalization and other destabilizing events in people’s lives. Vouchers for DMH clients to live in supported, community-based housing is considerably less expensive than paying for unnecessary hospital days or the direct and indirect costs associated with homelessness.

What can I do?

MAMH has asked the House Ways and Means Committee to include an additional $2 million in its FY22 budget for this program to provide housing vouchers to an additional 142 individuals. The Committee's budget is expected to be released on April 14, so check back soon to learn how you can take action!