11 Oct 24

Our relationships with food and our own bodies are often complex and fraught with challenges. At their best, they can help lead us to both physical and mental well-being. But all too often, these relationships become problematic, resulting in people having negative body image. In some, this has the potential to develop into conditions such as anorexia, bulimia, and body dysmorphic disorder. And while treatment is available and highly effective, it requires recognition of these conditions, which itself can be difficult.

So how can we identify when someone is struggling with an eating disorder or body image challenge? Who is most at risk of developing one? And what are the treatment options?

In this previously recorded session, Roberto Olivardia, PhD, offers educators, clinicians, and concerned loved ones a roadmap for recognizing eating disorders and body image issues, provides tips for finding appropriate professional care, and answers questions about the causes and many manifestations of these conditions.

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