20 Aug 24

There’s no question that teachers and faculty members at elementary, middle, and high schools play critical roles in the educational growth of the students in their care. Through their work, they have the power to impart knowledge, foster a love of learning, and help shape future careers. It’s becoming increasingly clear, though, that these school professionals have a unique opportunity to do even more: With proper training, they can also help kids and teens develop their social and emotional well-being.

So how can K-12 educators and faculty learn to promote the positive mental health of their students? What should they know about recognizing and addressing signs of mental illness in kids and teens? And where can they turn for resources?

In this previously recorded session, Mills Smith-Millman, PhD, offers an overview of proven strategies for supporting the mental well-being of students in kindergarten through high school, discusses mental health training options for school professionals, and answers audience questions about common mental illnesses impacting children and adolescents.

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