19 Sep 24

Turn on your TV today, and you’re likely to be bombarded by political ads. Check your social media feeds, and chances are you’ll run across someone’s rant about this party or that politician. Show up at just about any social event, and you’re all but certain to get an earful of unsolicited advice on how you should vote. The 2024 election is barreling toward us, and there’s no denying a lot is at stake. But despite the inherent stress and uncertainty of the season, there are concrete and proven ways to maintain your mental well-being in the weeks ahead.

So just what do the experts suggest when it comes to managing difficult situations or an uncertain future? How can you stay focused amid the constant flurry of political distractions? And where can you turn if things start to feel overwhelming?

Join us as Mark Longsjo, LICSW, explores the mental health pitfalls often presented by elections, offers practical tips for addressing the anxiety and depression they can trigger, and answers questions about managing our news consumption and navigating difficult political conversations with loved ones and colleagues.

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