6 Apr 23

Caring for others can be a joyful and beautiful experience—or it can be detrimental to our well-being. Burnout in caretaker populations can go easily overlooked, as most attention may be given to the person being looked after. A caregiver with burnout often feels overwhelmed and may be physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted from the stressors and weight of caring for loved ones.

So how can we encourage caregivers to look after themselves without feeling guilty about allocating time away from those they care for? What are ways to gain more satisfaction from caregiving? How do we know if we’re burned out?

Join us as Marie Clouqueur, LICSW, shares ways to identify burnout in caregiver populations, discusses how we can prevent burnout from happening, and answers questions about how caretakers can prioritize their own needs when it may feel difficult to do so.

Register here: Webinar: Caring for Burned-Out Caregivers | McLean Hospital