12 Apr 23

We all want to help our kids in every stage of life, whether it’s cutting up food for a toddler or helping a teen navigate college applications. At certain ages, though, children and adolescents should feel confident in their abilities to do some things for themselves. That’s confidence and self-reliance at their core.

What skillsets should kids know in order to become self-reliant? How can we tell, as our children grow, when we should parent and when our loved ones should be leading the charge? And how can we help shape our kids into empowered and responsible adults while keeping their mental health in mind?

In this previously recorded session, David H. Rosmarin, PhD, ABPP, shares tips and tricks about teaching confidence and self-reliance, offers insight into when we should be letting our loved ones lead, and answers audience questions about how these skills can lead to better overall mental health.

Register here: Webinar: Building Self-Reliance in Kids & Teens | McLean Hospital